Dmitry Borisov can lose my job for Ksenia Borodina

Дмитрий Борисов может потерять работу из-за Ксении Бородиной
Between the TV stars did the competition.

Dmitry Borisov and Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Social networks

Ksenia Borodina, after Olga Buzova, could become the leading First channel. The information was announced by the husband of the star of “House-2” — Kurban Omarov. It all started with the fact that some time ago the husband of TV presenter hinted at the fact that Ksenia is searching for a new job. Lobster asked the fans to dream: what would show Xenia would look organically? Then Kurban hardly imagine what it will publish in the Network.

Recently in the program “Let them speak”, hosted in August was Dmitry Borisov, a joke was invented hashtag, which became superpopular: “Let him speak Ksenia”. The idea of replacing Borisov Borodina incredibly inspired many millions of fans. Eid thanked the fans for rapid response and hinted that the situation where Xenia may receive the First channel — not from the category of fiction, but a very real possibility.

“I said it as a joke, after which it turned out that only myself and hundreds of thousands of our subscribers would like to see Ksenia’s role as a leading “Let them talk”. I don’t know whether the First channel to persuade ksjushu, but we had fun yesterday, from the soul. I just introduced a second, what if Xue officially ask subscribers about something. Happens digital democracy! Thank you all you power!” — thanked the subscribers Eid.

Xenia, by the way, rumors about the desire to “overthrow” Boris has not commented on. Even in the summer, she stated that it is satisfied with the post of leading the program “House-2”. However, since then a lot has changed and perhaps now Borodin is really considered the options of leaving the controversial telestroke.