Счастливая Меган Маркл на прогулке с сыном Арчи и собаками

Meghan Markle is clearly beaming with joy when she took her son Archie and two dogs Hiking outside of Vancouver. She seemed to have breathed new life now that she no longer performs the duties of the Royal family.
It’s a smile that speaks of sweet freedom! Meghan Markle couldn’t contain his happiness that she can come and go as she likes now that she is no longer a senior working member of the British Royal family. Former star of the television series “Force majeure” went Hiking in a regional Park and Hort hill under the Vancouver on 20 January 2020. Megan took his son Prince Harry, eight-month-old Archie, who was put in a sling and strapped to his chest. Her leash was joined by her canine companion, a black Labrador and hound Oz guy, the last of which she sheltered, living in Toronto, before marrying Harry on 19 may 2018.

38-year-old Megan looked comfortable during foggy hike, where it was joined by two security officers who stood at a respectful distance behind her. She wore black leggings and a light jacket to match. She warmed his feet with rubber lace-up ankle boots designed for walking outdoors on wet trails. Megan hid my strands under a green cap, which were tightly wrapped around her head and helped to avoid the cold. But the best thing was on it is a smile all over your face while walking in the woods with her son and her puppies.
It’s been almost two weeks since then, as Megan and Harry announced that they are retreating from the responsibilities of senior members of the British Royal family. They want to become financially independent and be able to dispose of their personal time between North America and the UK, although it is believed that Canada will become the new main country of residence of the couple. Megan and Harry had spent nearly seven weeks at the mansion for $ 14 million, provided by a friend on Vancouver island at the end of 2020, before announcing his Royal decision. The pair will still remain there for some time.
Megan there are plenty of reasons to smile. Not only that, she is no longer subject to the restrictions and protocols that she had to follow as a working Royal, she’s finally going to be reunited with her beloved husband. When the couple January 8, Instagram announced that they are moving to “exciting next step” in their lives outside of the UK, Megan has already flew back to Vancouver after a quick three-day trip to London. Meanwhile, Harry was on a plane to Canada after an almost two-week break. Now their new life together can finally begin! He remained in London to discuss all the details of the exit of the couple from the performance of their Royal duties from his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, 93 years old, his father Prince Charles, 71, and his brother Prince William, 37 years.
January 18, the Queen released a statement which said: “I am pleased that we have found a constructive and supportive way for my grandson and his family. I recognize the challenges they faced as a result of intensive study over the last two years, and support their desire for a more independent life.” She added that Harry, Megan and Archie are the “darlings”of her family.
Harry and Megan will stop using their titles, as “they are no longer working for the Royal family,” according to a statement from Buckingham Palace following the statement of the Queen. The pair also will no longer officially represent the Queen and will not receive state funds to perform Royal duties. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussexsee grateful to Her Majesty and the Royal Family for their constant support at the beginning of the next Chapter of their lives”, — reads the statement.

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