Лиза Пескова рассказала какие у нее отношения с мачехой Татьяной Навкой

Лиза Пескова рассказала какие у нее отношения с мачехой Татьяной Навкой

Recently the YouTube channel of Forbes magazine showed his followers an interview with the daughter of press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. Lisa talked about how was her relationship with her stepmother all the time, and how close she is with her star father.

In an interview, Lisa said that the relationship with Tatyana Navka — new wife of her father, lined up gradually. Loved ones with the friendly relations they have recently.

The girl confessed that after only six years, she can call Tatiana a friend, what very happy. Navka was configured to friendships, but that Lisa would not let a woman and nearly 20 years, she realized some things that helped them to bond. Now Peskov acknowledged that may at any time come to step mother and get her valuable advice. Anyway with all your relatives Lisa developed strong friendships.

Of course the girl in an interview mentioned about his father and how the family are meeting. Lisa said trying to see his dad every Saturday, but sometimes their meeting transferred due to a busy work schedule, sometimes it Dmitry has to work even on Sunday. However, he always supports her daughter by phone, and may at any time come to work for him and lunch. Lisa confessed that when the moment comes that the whole family is together, they have a rule: everyone have to put down your phone and enjoy the moment.

At first Dmitry and Tatyana, Lisa did not perceived information about a new sweetheart of her father. This is understandable, because the Sands had an affair with Navka, being married to Liza’s mother. The first time she even denied the fact of his father’s wedding, saying to reporters that no wedding actually was not, it is all speculation. Even after few months after marriage, she refused to believe it.

It is worth mentioning that Dmitry and Tatiana began their relationship in 2010. Four years later they had their first baby together, though married, they still were. In 2015, the couple decided to legalize their relationship and played a very luxurious wedding in Sochi. For Dmitry this marriage became the third, and the second for Tatiana. From previous marriages they have already adult children.

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