Дети Ким Кардашьян добрались до косметики мамы и разрисовали нею всю мебель


Daughter Kim Kardashian North tried to paint the faces of his brothers and sisters, as the clown from “It”, and in the process painted an expensive sofa of her mother, leaving it red fondant spots.
Because Kim Kardashian has it’s own cosmetic company, of course, her children are curious when it comes to using makeup. Her six-year-old daughter North has decided to play in a professional makeup artist in the movie on their brothers and sisters, sister Chicago, 2 years, and brother St., for 4 years. Obviously, Kim has allowed the North to watch a scary movie on the eve of a terrible clown, or at least she saw a picture of Pennywise to find out how to mimic the makeup for the face.

Дети Ким Кардашьян добрались до косметики мамы и разрисовали нею всю мебель
“So the North decided to try to do makeup like a clown in the horror movie “It”, as told 39-year-old Kim in its history in Instagram on January 20. Then had history photo face little Chicago with a bright red makeup under the eyes and on the tip of the nose. Her lips were painted in a dark red color with red lines of fire engines coming from both corners of her mouth. It seems that the North used bright red lipstick to brighten the face of his sister as Pennywise. In subsequent photos the North added touches that appear above the eyes Chicago.
Chicago was not alone in the mission for applying makeup. While she looked a little confused, on the face of the Saint had a huge smile when he painted Pennywise the other picture from the story. He had smorodinnogo and above the eyes, but the North became easier with her younger brother. Like Chi, he had a big red dot on the tip of his nose, but was spared any cosmetics on the lips.
North also put makeup on your own, but it gave light touches. She had a red dot over his right eye and one under the left. She painted her lips in bright red color, and two lines of makeup trickled down from the lower part of the lips. Either she hasn’t finished watching a horror movie until the end, when the photo was taken, or she just wanted to try something different for yourself.

But the main victim makeup the North became not her brothers and sisters, and snow-white and untouched until that very sofa Kim. She shared a photo of Chicago, standing beside her in full makeup, with large red spot on the seat. “My couch!?”, — posted by Kim under the photo along with a broken heart and a crying emoticon face. We are confident that she can undoubtedly find a professional who will save you from such spots, the sofa or just buy a new one!

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