Halle berry refused to put on a cross and having a boyfriend

Холли Берри отказалась ставить на себе крест и завела бойфренда
51-year-old actress is Dating 35-year-old lover.

Halle berry and Alex Da kid


Halle berry appeared in public with new boyfriend — 35-year-old British hip hop producer Alex Da kid. Holly spent the whole evening and night in a London hotel, where allowed only “their” — just like the English club, where enter only its members. At the hotel they had dinner in the lovely restaurant and went to listen to music in a small concert hall for the elite. Holly was in a good mood and later posted on the social networks where she has so many followers photos from Alex and the caption “This is my Balance.”

Hopefully, the actress will prove lucky this time. And “balance” will not be ordinary ballast, as unfortunately happened so far with all her previous men. No wonder recently the actress admitted that too tired from a painful divorce with her ex-husband Olivier Martinez, to embark on a “new voyage”. During the process she was most afraid of losing three-year old son. French actor demanded that the baby most of the time lived with him in Paris and not in America, where he lives and works with her mother. And Yeshe before the actress had to go through the hardships of litigation, initiated by her boyfriend, actor Gabriel Aubrey (rumored to be now Dating Charlize Theron — secretly, of course). Gabriel, you see, was afraid that Holly will take away to France not only her son from her marriage to Martinez, but they shared a daughter.

The efforts of Gabriel is not lost: now he receives from berry alimony, called spousal, and money on a girl when she lives with him in Los Angeles. It is in school where Charlize Theron is driving their foster children, and former male model Gabriel them with Holly’s daughter, they met. Now, according to friends, a new partner of the actress, too, has a mild and modest disposition, unassuming and far from the Hollywood world. But just the same it seemed at the time, and “darling” Gabriel.