Laysan utiasheva has revealed the secret to healthy sleep

Ляйсан Утяшева раскрыла секрет здорового сна
The presenter told how to sleep at night.

Photo: Instagram

In order to look great and to have time to do much, you need to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. This truth Laysan utiasheva know for a long time, but with such a hectic life as the wife of Paul Will, and even with two small children rarely comply with these rules. However, Rosie found a way out. She found out all the main conditions of healthy sleep and now sleep well every day.

“There are many factors why we toil so long and can’t sleep at the right time, she says. — The temperature in the room should be 18 degrees. When trying to sleep, you must do a black-out or wear glasses sleeping. The mattress and pillows — perhaps the most important attribute for sleep, and should be chosen individually. You should be as comfortable as possible. When you select trust feels like you are being sucked in bed, you should relax. I bought these pillows and the mattress, and was very quick to sleep, 8-9 hours of quality sleep!”

And it is very valuable, considering how much is now working on his new project utiasheva. Very soon will be the premiere of her first dance, the likes of which has not happened in our country. At least so say experts. The first show will be held in early October in Kazan. Before “storming” the capital necessary to conduct several concerts in other cities.