Холли Берри очень довольна работой с дочерью Обамы

50-year-old actress Halle berry can’t stop praising the daughter of Barack Obama, Malia Ann, who worked as assistant Director an American science fiction dramatic television series in 2014.

Halle berry visited the popular American show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”, where the actress praised the daughter of former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. Barry called the girl “a smart, beautiful young lady.”

“Just look at her parents!” — said the actress. No wonder such beautiful parents, I was born this clever daughter. This fall, Malia Ann will be attending Harvard University after academic leave. It is worth noting that her father in 1988 he entered Harvard law school, where in 1990 he became the first ever editor of African-American University edition of the Harvard Law Review.

“I’m her big fan. She’s adorable,” says the actress. When Cohen asked, “didn’t send you Malia for coffee?” the actress playfully replied, “Can we call your parents?”.

To the left of Halle berry sat actress Toni Collette, who also asked the questions. To the question “did he do his duties?” the actress confidently answered, “Yes.” “Yes, she fulfilled all requests as need to do assistant, and I wildly respect.” Holly admitted that ”nobody really saw her as an assistant. She was trying to seem them, but we just couldn’t perceive it as an assistant.” — says Barry.

Barry was an ardent supporter of Obama and his family, which was confirmed by appearing on the premiere of his movie “Abduction” t-shirt. On it in the style of comics was a picture of Michelle Obama with a sign that says “Michelle my belle”. Putting a picture with this onion in your profile in instagram, the actress left her signature under the “In honor of the strongest and bravest woman in the world…”.

Unfortunately, Malia Ann will not soon appear on the show, despite Executive producers Steven Spielberg and Halle Barry, “the human Race” was for two seasons from July 2014 until the show was canceled the following year.