Yulia Peresild begins the fight against fraud in social networks

Юлия Пересильд начинает борьбу с мошенниками в соцсетях

Winner of President’s prize and the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation Yulia Peresild declared war the network to fraudsters in social networks, which used her name to communicate with family and friends of the actress.

Recently, the actress has learned that the popular social network “Instagram” her name used to communicate with the people of the actress. A separate page was created, signed with the name Peresild, which the fraudsters engaged in dialogue of an unknown nature with close friends of the actress. What would stop the activities of detractors, Julia turned to administrators of the social network, with a request to remove the “fake” page. What the administration had doubts, because they are not confident, not fake page of the actress.

Peresild recently discovered “Instagram”, but when she joined there, they found an unpleasant discovery. In the network there was already an account with that name. So the actress had problems with the verification of your profile. “There is no way to prove to Instagram that I’m me. Funny. Started Instagram not so long ago , before there was already a page @j.peresild. Guys! It’s not mine! I blocked it and it scares me that they write do not know. This page is not have to do with me! To close it, but it has become me to polypragmaty! So if any of you signed up — run from there — can’t vouch for the honesty and truthfulness of information!” — warns Julia of their fans.

At the time of the existence of “fake” pages, it was signed by more than 80 thousand people. The page was soon deleted and is now accessed. In the real microblog, which oversees the actress, there are about 125 thousand followers, whose number is growing every day.

Despite the fact that the actress got justice and her account was left alone, the war against fraudsters has not yet ended. The more popular the actress becomes, the more fans become celebrity impersonators. For example, American stars, there are more than 50 “fake” pages.