Холли Берри раскрыла секрет своей «вечной молодости»
The actress shared a “magic recipe”.

Halle Berry


Halle berry shared the other day her new photos in swimsuit, thanks
which her fans got another opportunity to see: the actress looks
for her age, just incredibly good! And Holly, which
constantly asked about how she manages to maintain this form and look
so young, finally decided to share my “magic recipe”.

I have a “secret weapon” that helps me to resist the age
changes. My secret – a special broth from the bones, which is prepared as
low, 8 hours. Personally, I simmered the bones in a thick-walled pot, with low heat, for 24 hours straight. The purpose of such a long cooking to bring the bones to this
state, so they began to distinguish themselves from gelatin and collagen contained
they minerals. These substances boost the immune system, strengthen the tendons and
bones, improving the condition of the hair and of course SKIN! In addition, this broth
helps to improve digestion. This “potion” I recommend to use dice “humanely
grown” animals can be cows, and buffaloes, and sheep, and even
chickens. Where these animals are widely distributed,
you can cook the bones of deer or antelope…” wrote berry on his page
the social network. By the way, other celebrities such as Jennifer aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek, earlier it was told that also use the same “secret weapon” , and Holly.

as assured the actress, her “magic broth”, certainly not enough to
to look like her. The actress, who works daily on his
physical form, decided to motivate his fans to follow suit. For
she announced a contest whose winner will have the opportunity to exercise in
the hall at the same time as Holly and her coach. “All you need is to work hard
on yourself. And from time to time to send photos of its gradual transformation!”
explained berry.