Ольга Орлова заинтриговала фотографией с любимым мужчиной
Leading “House-2” found love?

Photo: Instagram

Olga Orlova, which had become the leading controversial reality show “Dom-2”, for some time, keeps information about his own personal life secret from the public. At the time she was married to businessman Alexander Karmanov and bore him a son. Due to a succession of scandals associated with his ex-wife, the marriage of Olga and Alexander broke up. After the divorce, Orlov began to notice with well-known film producer Renat by Davletyarova. They were together for several years. Fans were expecting a wedding, but Davletyarov suddenly married another singer, Eugenia Malakhova. And Olga was alone again.

Since then it was regularly attributed novels with some unknown businessmen or partners in the set. It was rumored even that Orlov lives with Dmitry Shepelev for his godson, Plato, the son of leading and Zhanna Friske. But it was “duck”. Olga is always authoritative on the set of “House-2” talks about the relationship, but for a very long time not in a hurry to share with fans information about his personal life.

So it was surprising to see on the page in the social network of Olga’s sharing her photos with an interesting man, which she signed: “With mine!” and put “heart”.

Members did not believe his luck, thinking that Orlov has finally decided to declassify his lover. Moreover, the caption under the photo says about it.

But fans do not spend! They quickly learned that the satellite TV presenter is married, and he works at the beauty salon, often visited by the star. So even though Olga was intrigued the public, but the truth is very quickly out there.