Холли Берри и Оливье Мартинес передумали разводиться

Vacation together Halle berry and Olivier Martinez with children in Mexico, where they vacationed a few weeks ago, namely their walks on the beach and loving relationship, tell us about what celebrities decided to postpone the divorce, if not to abandon this silly idea altogether. And sources close to star pair, only confirms our guesses.

“It all depends on Holly. If she decides not divorced, then Olivier would be glad, because he never wanted a divorce.
When Holly filed for divorce, work was going and in a matter of fact, however, the anger has passed, and all may yet be well. Olivier loves Holly and their son MATEO and want to see them every day. Moreover, because of the baby he is ready to do everything to save the marriage. Olivier does not want his child suffer for his parents ‘ divorce. To Nala, he also refers to her own daughter. Now Olivier and Holly are very good, all the scandals are behind us, and now they soberly assess the situation, want to do what’s best for their children,” said the insider.
Another source was sure that a divorce berry is still pushed to the end, despite the fact that between her and Olivier’s “still a lot of love”, although little probability of saving the marriage is still left.
When journalists asked the representatives of celebrities to know at what stage now there is the divorce process started Holly last year, we received the same answer: “there is no change in status no. They, as always, friendly”.

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