Ксения Бородина ответила на жестокие обвинения фанатов Leading “House-2” advised tactless commentators not to teach its people to live better and educate their children. Borodin says that the tips always can get in social networks, and family and friends.

      Ксения Бородина ответила на жестокие обвинения фанатов

      Famous TV presenter recently returned from a holiday abroad. Borodina together with her husband Kurban Omarov and their children from previous marriages were in exotic Thailand. Omarova son and daughter Borodina almost the same age and are friends with each other. They constantly spend time together, therefore, and parents have received many good emotions. It should be noted that Borodin husband and I decided not to take on a journey the daughter of Theon, who just three months.

      But TV star fans began to be indignant – say, Ksenia does not know how to raise children, has deprived the baby of her mom and dad. What leading said published in his microblog, in which he referred to advice from the inappropriate and asked us not to specify how it is better to live and raise heirs.

      Ксения Бородина ответила на жестокие обвинения фанатов

      “I understand that Russia is a generous soul, especially with the free advice, but when asked about it. And if not, I think, on your part will be correct to remain silent. I don’t want to make every minute of your children because you don’t want to read about the scratchy, breastfeeding, diapers, pacifiers some good what to dress your baby, how to develop etc. If you’re supermama, all genuinely happy for you! Share your victories on their blogs – my husband, friends, parents… I’m with the Charter to not rush you and ask in return to do the same. Believe me, if I will not cope, then turn to family if they can’t help, we as parents always will understand.If I have to, ever advice here, I’ll ask him immediately, thanks for understanding! All the love” — shared with subscriptions Borodin.

      Fans of Ksenia supported TV star. “Rough but true,” “got it right”, “Respect”, “People when you stop giving advice if you don’t ask”, “Rude people”, “Applaud”, “Clearly”, he expressed the emotions of caring commentators.

      We will remind, the daughter of Xenia and Omar came to light in December 2015. She was given an unusual name Theon. The introduction of the successor spouse is very awaited and long prepared for this event. She has two nannies, the work which the steam, while at work, watching through the surveillance system. Children from previous marriages love Theon and try to help parents with her upbringing. They not only play with the girl and care for her.

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