Патрик Демпси и его супруга снова станут родителями

What else could be expected from a new honeymoon, a gift of destiny. Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian Fink, who a year ago were still in the divorce process, I have decided to fix their marriage one more child. Sources close to the couple claim that now is certainly no doubt in the unity of the spouses – and he and she are ready for the fourth General child.

“It’s so wonderful to see their happiness after a terrible year. They are very excited with the idea to give birth to a fourth child, and ready to tackle this now, before the arrival of the summer” — said the insider.
We will remind that the initiator of the divorce became Gillian, which for unknown reasons I filed for divorce last year, deciding to put an end to fifteen years of marriage. The couple even put up for sale their family nest (fortunately, sell it not done). But last fall they were seen strolling around Paris. Star of TV series “grey’s Anatomy” passionately kissed his wife and even danced with her in the middle of the streets of the most romantic cities in the world.
“They did a lot to save your marriage. He even gave up his favorite hobby is racing, it’s always been a problem for Gillian” — said the insider.

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