Гайдулян вернулся к съемкам «САШИТАНИ»: фото

Recovered Andrew Hagolan started filming the series “SASHATANYA”. In a Woman’s Day was the first exclusive pictures from the site.

This is a story with a happy ending. About a year ago from Andrew Giulana has detected a serious illness, the actor was forced to drop everything, work and go to the clinic in Germany (read more HERE). The treatment was successful, and the New year Andrew had met in Moscow, and last week returned to the set of the TV series “SASHATANYA”.

— Insanely bored at work, confessed to Woman’s Day Hagolan. — The week before, I even did a short film in Yaroslavl, where he played the Nazi. The role was German. Still, for the time spent in Germany, I mastered the language almost perfectly, including medical terminology.

We are all so happy that finally started shooting that we finally met, – said Valentina Rubtsova. — The first days could not stop talking, even on camera talking about her. After all Andrew is my on-screen husband, for so many years of working together has to stick. In General, all cheerful cheerful, full of energy, desires and aspirations. I have these one and a half year break spent with benefit – devoted himself to the child. My family all this time lived in Sochi. Sea, sun, air, fruits, school development, friends, the daughter was happy! Sophia (the girl four years. — Approx. Woman’s Day) told her to put her in all possible sections: chess, gymnastics, anything. She is very curious. So cool to watch as your child learns this life! Unfortunately, back in Moscow, were forced classes to temporarily stop, all the clubs closed for the summer holidays. “Come in September”, – told us. But wait.

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I confess that at work very bored, but at the Moscow ecology – not very. In the first place was hard moving child, a daughter accustomed to the sea, sometimes already crying: “Mom, I want the sea”. Especially in Sochi remained friends… But in the capital, I think, also has its advantages. While I’m at work, Sophia spends time with daddy and grandpa, my dad, walk, draw, sing. What would the daughter do, always something sings, can articulate current situation, on-the-go writing songs to the tune of popular songs. Don’t know, maybe it’s time for the vocals to do with your child. Summer think.

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