Джон Сноу сбрил бороду и стал похож на Хита Леджера

The star of “Game of thrones” got rid of the brutal facial hair. What made fans of a storm of various emotions.

In fact, the actor kit Harington, aka Jon snow in Game of thrones, appeared in a new role. On the stage of one of the London theatres he played the title role in “Doctor Faustus”. It would seem that for an actor you can only be happy, but for a new show he needed to get rid of the beard with which he passed through all the seasons of the famous series. And for which we Oh-so love. What started here…

The beardless Harrington got into a “Twitter” and instantly flew around the Internet, prompting a flurry of different emotions. Moreover, views differed radically.

Some noted that without the beard, Keith looks much younger and sexier. Others, however, complain that “Jon snow” is not the same. “I had tears in my eyes,” the sad one of the fans. The network has already appeared memes – padalily kit with marker-drawn beard. Still others tried to reconcile the warring parties that handsome Harington is good in any form.

But all unanimously agreed in opinion that without a beard kit is strikingly similar to actor Heath Ledger, who in the 90s also went with long hair. So he remembered us in the movie “10 things I hate about you”. The Internet community decided that it is quite possible to play the main role in the remake of this picture, if you decide to remove.

And finally, the worst. Fans of Jon snow, resurrected, to the delight of all, in the new season, worried that the way the actor said goodbye to this role. So, the handsome bastard again sent to another world… Although once we have already experienced.

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