Мадонна выиграла дело об авторских правах

Lawsuits about plagiarism in the music industry are not uncommon. In a similar situation recently was Madonna while the singer’s son, Roko, company VMG SalsoulLLC accused her together with producer Sepom by Pettibone in the use of a sample from another song for the 1990 hit “Vogue”.

The statement said that Pettibone, who worked on Madonna’s single, borrowed a 23-second snippet of their track “Love Break” for the songs of Madonna.

Having examined the case materials, the court held that the reason for the proceedings was too small to venture out this full court. According to the court, despite the fact that a sample from “Love Break” sound several times in “Vogue”, the listener does not recognise her though, because they were recorded with different musical instruments.


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