Гимнастка Анастасия Гришина готовится к суду с родной матерью Silver medalist of the 2012 Olympics was in a very difficult situation. Previously, Anastasia Grishina accused the relatives that they left her without an apartment and a livelihood. Hearing athletes is scheduled for April.

      Recently it became known that the Russian gymnast Anastasia Grishina were left without a roof over your head and your hard-earned fees. The young woman appealed to the media asking for help in this situation. The athlete said that it was the fault of her relatives. According to Anastasia, the mother kicked her out of the house, leaving without livelihood, and the brother was threatened with a knife. “StarHit” contacted Grishina, forced to rent a house to inquire about her condition after the scandal erupted.

      Gymnast Anastasia Grishina has blamed parents for theft

      Previously, Anastasia talked about the fact that it intends to seek justice in court. In order to hire a lawyer, the gymnast had to go to the Bank. Another way out of the situation from the young woman, who is now on maternity leave and caring for a small child, no. Grishina also told that the relatives had not contacted her after the publication in the press.

      “I hate to be in this situation and realize that it made the native people. The hearing in my case is scheduled for April 17. To pay for a lawyer, I took out a loan. My husband supports me, he shared my position. None of us need this scandal. I will stop the proceedings, if the mother voluntarily returned all of my belongings. But until it comes, it lasts since January,” said Anastasia “StarHit”.

      The athlete believes that her mother Galina Nikolaevna commit such acts because of resentment for his daughter. “I got married and retired, no longer earning large sums of money,” explains the athlete.

      According to Anastasia, Galina Nikolayevna always had an uneasy relationship with her husband Victor. The woman does not trust the chosen one daughter. “She accuses her husband that he wants to take away all my possessions. In her opinion, if I get, he’s going to divorce and take half. But we have a marriage contract: he does not claim to my property, and I’m on it,” commented the athlete.

      History Grishina has caused the big public resonance. Many social media users are outraged by the behavior of relatives of Anastasia and leave her comments of support. The young woman said that she was very pleased to read the opinion of the concerned people. Conjectures of ill-wishers that she has decided thus to increase its popularity, Grishina denies. Anastasia stresses that is experiencing extremely difficult life period.

      “If I wanted “raspiarili”, then I would do it in a positive light. Clearly not in that situation where I was now. I turned to reporters with this issue,” – said the gymnast.