Zapashnye celebrate the new addition to the family

Запашные празднуют прибавление в семье The daughters of Edgar’s brother was born. The ex-wife of the trainer became a mother for the third time. Zapashny has congratulated ex-wife with the baby and said “StarHit” as Stesha and Gloria babysit the boy.

      Former civil wife of Edgard zapashnogo Olga Denisova again became a mother. She was born a boy. The ex-wife of the famous trainer also has two daughters, six-year-old Stephanie and three year old Gloria.

      “StarHit” first wrote that after breaking up with Edgard Zapashny, the mother of his children met a new love – businessman named Dmitry. Mom daughters zapashnogo: “Edgard earns, and I am raising our children”

      “She married him, and three weeks ago became a mother for the third time, – has shared with “StarHit” Edgard. – I was already away from them, seen the baby, a beautiful boy. Stesha and Gloria in the seventh heaven from happiness. Babysitting. And I’m also very happy for Olga”.

      Son Denisova was born in one of the perinatal centers of Moscow. According to medical reports, the woman underwent a caesarean section. Because a few years ago, she worked as a fitness instructor, it was not difficult to recover quickly after childbirth. A woman leads an active lifestyle and already riding on the scooter with the senior daughters.

      Olga and her husband Dimitri live in a closed suburban town of Krasnoznamensk. Denisov devotes all his time to the education of girls, and also shoots videos with their participation. Daughter of the trainer, gymnastics, swim, dance and play musical instruments. However, now all the attention Stasi and Gloria gained a younger brother.

      Recall that Zapadnomu and Denisova managed to remain friends after a break up. Edgard is often seen with heirs and arranges them surprises.

      “We found a compromise and managed to stay friends for the sake of the children – told Edgard. – Decided that she will live with her daughters in a gated suburban town of Krasnoznamensk away from Moscow’s hustle and bustle. I live in Moscow and fully provide for the family. Three times a week Stesha and Gloria’s mom are in my circus”.

      Edgard dreams, that of the daughters will grow up star of the circus. Olga supports a former spouse in his plans. “For the achievements we encourage. Have Stasi, for example, an interesting desire. One day she asked the Potter’s wheel! And on New year we Edgar gave her a sewing machine. Still wanted a piano, but it is for a birthday,” said Denisov.

      Heiress zapashnogo can already boast the first awards. Senior Stesha took first place in city competitions on rhythmic gymnastics in her age category. “For victory we with Olga, mom Stasi, bought her fur keychain on the bag that she wanted,” shared the trainer with “StarHit”. The daughter of Edgard zapashnogo won a great victory