Александр Гордон резко высказался в адрес Ольги Бузовой The star of “House-2” has been criticized by the presenter. Alexander Gordon believes that Olga has made of his personal life show. She tried to convey to him that she was accustomed to the increased attention.

      Александр Гордон резко высказался в адрес Ольги Бузовой

      In the second part of the program “Male/Female” dedicated to Olga Buzova, were people who supported the star. Guests of the program tried to understand why the song “the sounds of kissing” and “Used” has won recognition from the public, because before that the girl never performed on stage. Creativity of the artist is not like many professional singers, than they hastened to inform in the social networks. Alexander Panayotov criticized the vocals of Olga Buzova

      Olga admitted that she just wanted to realize his childhood dreams to life. Many years ago, the artist wanted to sing and play in movies, but educated in another field. “Mom said to go to SPSU… But my childhood dreams led me to the stage and singing,” said Buzova.

      However, as stated by the programme presenter Alexander Gordon, the actress managed to become the trump of the Russian stage, as people were happy to listen to simple songs of love and pain.

      “I want so and so live. I am very greedy for emotions to new experiences, to things. It has some unrealized dreams”, – said Olga.
      Александр Гордон резко высказался в адрес Ольги Бузовой

      Guests began to discuss why Olga manages to collect many thousands of halls, performing only two songs. Alexander Gordon believes that after participating in “House-2” the girl became very close to the Russian audience.

      “They saw a stunning, deep, infinite void, and compared with them,” said the presenter.
      Александр Гордон резко высказался в адрес Ольги Бузовой

      Some have linked the growing popularity of Buzova with the fact that she started to release tracks after divorce with Dmitry Tarasov. As admitted by the artist, these events are not related to each other.

      About the break-up with footballer Olga recalls with a shudder and calls the situation a nightmare, as she could not believe that their love story with the player so quickly ended. According to Gordon, Buzova constantly flaunt their own happiness, and that nothing good has not resulted.

      “You have to personal life was regarded as the continuation of the show,” said Alexander.

      Olga did not regret that he behaved that way. However, according to Buzova, in the future it will not be as openly shout about their feelings. “I want my next man I was hiding,” said the presenter.

      In the middle of transferring the Studio came mom Buzova Irina, which is undoubtedly her authority. According to relatives, she was initially high demands on daughters. When Gordon asked as the woman took the ex-chosen successor Dmitry Tarasov, she hesitated.

      “Everyone lives with whomever he wants. You can say millions of authorities that it is not for you. She expressed her opinion. “You decide,” said I,” admitted the mother of Olga.

      Alexander Nosik and Maria Pogrebnyak was supported by familiar during filming. According to a friend Buzova, she saw the girl suffers after a breakup with Dmitry Tarasov. “It was hard for me to see her. She’s sincere. It always helps,” said the designer, noting that work has saved Olga in a difficult moment of life. Mary remembered that learned from the player and their spouse in the same school. Unlike some, Pogrebnyak has not ceased to communicate with Buzova after all the scandalous stories.

      During the program, the star showed an excerpt from an old interview of her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov, who told how she helped him in difficult moments of life. During the broadcast of the video Olga could not hold back tears.

      “What hurts more? It is necessary to spit, grind and forget,” said Gordon.

      The presenter advised Olga to protect yourself and distribute the force to her will not happen fainting during concerts, and avoid any illnesses due to overwork. Olga Buzova became ill during a speech in St. Petersburg