Gwyneth Paltrow criticizes new beloved ex-husband

Гвинет Пэлтроу критикует новую возлюбленную бывшего мужа

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow will once again put their powdered nose into the love Affairs of her former husband Chris Martin. She has not once interfered in the relationship ex-spouse and the father of her children with actress Jennifer Lawrence, and now fell into disgrace, and new passion of the Chris, Annabelle Wallis, which Gwyneth believes “not smart enough” for Martin.

“Gwyneth pours Annabelle mud and hates it when Chris is with her. She has taken a strange position and tries to convince him to leave. Gwyneth believes Wallis silly, which is not suited Chris, but we strongly disagree with this statement,” — said the insider. Chris like the naturalness and simplicity of the Annabelle, but compared to Gwyneth, bent on control, the new girl, “a breath of fresh air.”
Recall that the couple divorced after ten years of marriage, but remained in a very close and trusting relationship. Paltrow even told in an interview that Chris has his own room in their house and he can come and stay the night as you wish.