Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson spoke about his presidential ambitions

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон рассказал о своих президентских амбициях

Could the Americans to imagine that Donald trump, who never had anything to do with politics, become President of the United States? Hardly…however, it happened. Now his candidacy in the future for the top post of the country put forward the star of Hollywood blockbusters Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

One of the main roles in the racing franchise “fast and furious” admits that it has repeatedly appealed to world powers with a similar offer, and promised to make him head of state.

“I think it’s quite likely that I can run for President. In the past year, this possibility became even more real. In any job you need to prove yourself. For me personally, the work of the President would be an important poise, leadership qualities, willingness to assume responsibility for all”.

What do you think, is it possible really like this option to Dwayne Johnson became the following, for example, the 46th President of the “States”?

By the way, the current President of “the Rock” criticizes, noting that Trump lacks leadership qualities.