Гвен Стефани хотела бы сына-гея

It’s hard to believe, but there are mothers who would like to see their children among people of different sexual orientation, and one of them is singer Gwen Stefani. She’s not just loyal to the gays, she would be very pleased to see one of her sons once made her happy relevant news.

In a recent interview with Pride Source, the main audience of which are members of the LGBT community, Gwen said that the happiness of their three children she puts first in life, and because will take her child what n is.
“I would be happy and grateful for gay son. You know how I feel about this issue. I just wish my sons were healthy and happy, I pray to God every day. Every time I ask Him to give me patience and wisdom to be a good mother, it is a difficult work. I don’t know what will happen in the lives of my children, but I sincerely wish them happiness. Want to be such a good mom that I can be” — said Gwen.

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