Хелен Миррен прокомментировала неимение собственных детей

To achieve career heights Helen Mirren has donated a fully-fledged family. Sorry about that Oscar-winning actress today? This frankly 70-year-old star said in an interview with the Sunday Times Culture.

Helen admitted that she never wanted to have children of their own. She was enough to be a stepmother to two children, her husband Taylor Hackford, whom she brought up as their own: “I love children, they are so funny and so cute, but I never wanted my own child”.

In an interview with reporters Mirren was quite Frank and told me that one day she still regretted that that did not give birth to their own child. But this doubt only lasted a moment: “I never regretted my decision not to have children of their own. Although no, I lie. When I saw the movie “Parents”, I cried for 20 minutes. I realized that I can never feel it, and these 20 minutes, I mourned its loss and the fact that I have never experienced anything similar. But then I calmed down and again felt happy.”

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