Benedict Cumberbatch talked about life in the monastery and acquaintance with Buddhism

Бенедикт Камбербэтч рассказал о жизни в монастыре и знакомстве с буддизмом

Probably the most loyal fans, the British star Benedict Cumberbatch is known about the interest of their idol in spiritual practices, but for a common spectator interview of the actor of the Buddhist journal Lion’s Roar (formerly known as Shambhala Sun) will be a real revelation.

In the may edition of Benedict openly talk about how, after graduating from school, some time lived in a monastery in India by training local monks English.

As admitted by the modern role of Sherlock Holmes, living in India and dealing daily with the monks, he could not meet and are not interested in Buddhism. “I have always been attracted to the idea of meditation and its importance”, says the actor. His first experience he described so: “It was incredible. When you’re so immobile, all your senses are heightened, concentration becomes much stronger.”

By the way, returning to Europe, Cumberbatch from Buddhism is not refused, and still considers himself a Buddhist, who uses certain practices in his acting.

We will remind, now Benedict starring in the next superhero blockbuster from Marvel studios ‘ “Doctor strange”.

On the set of a Brit Benedict Cumberbatch tried on a completely unusual way – instead of a classic suit or coat, Benedict appears to us in the form of wanderer-Sluts.

Such a way of life Dr. Strange caused the accident, which deprived him of the opportunity to operate because of a hand injury. For treatment, the doctor spent all their savings, but never found the way to restore the old skills. Now the strange travels the world and is in Nepal, where a mysterious mentor teaches him magic.

The premiere is scheduled for autumn this year.

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