Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton living together now

Гвен Стефани и Блейк Шелтон теперь живут вместе

Гвен Стефани и Блейк Шелтон теперь живут вместе

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton just spent Thanksgiving together in Oklahoma with their three charming children, and the family seems happier than ever!

Fans of the pairs of fingers crossed in the expectation that Blake Shelton, 43, and Gwen Stefani, 50 years, would one day tie the knot, but they seem to be in no hurry to do it! “Blake and Gwen still are in no hurry to marry,” he told the media source, a close friend of the couple. “They moved in together not so long ago and is very happy in his new home. They are very pleased with the relationship status and don’t feel the need to marry in the near future, but no one will be shocked if they do get engaged”. Gwen and Blake meet November 2015, shortly after they broke up with his former Gavin Rascaldom, 54, and Miranda Lambert, 36.

Гвен Стефани и Блейк Шелтон теперь живут вместе

In addition to the plans for the engagement party or marriage, the couple are more than happy to live together — and even bought a house together in Los Angeles. “The house was a big commitment for both of them, and they are very, very happy to live there,” adds the insider. “Gwen loves to cook, so she likes to make it to dinner.” Blake also involved in the life of adorable children Gwen from her ex Gavin Rossdale with Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11 years old, and Apollo 5 years! “Blake took on the role of a second father for boys Gwen, and they really respect Blake. It is very helpful now with all the boys, especially now that they are under one roof. It was a great but a good step for them. Life together simplifies their lives because they’re always together.”

Gwen and Blake recently celebrated Thanksgiving together in Oklahoma, which is home of Blake! It seems that during their visit, the family rejoiced that butchered the Turkey, covered with their favourite potato chips! “Because everyone loves the Turkey in this family, we will have the Turkey in the original recipe Blake,” announced 5-year-old Apollo in Instagram, confirming that Blake is preparing a savoury dish. Gwen also demonstrated their skills in the kitchen with baked macaroni and cheese!
This trip was the second jointly organized holiday Gwen with the family of Blake, his family is very fond of his beloved! “I remember the first time I went to Oklahoma with his family,” said Gwen on the show Kelly Clarkson sitting next to Blake. “We are both from Anaheim and had never even seen such trees. We said, “Wow, like crazy.”
We seriously can’t put up with such a cute couple, Blake and Gwen are in no hurry to hear wedding bells in their honor!

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