Charity action “Good tree” is gaining momentum

Благотворительная акция «Добрая ёлка» набирает обороты
Actors, musicians, TV presenters, Directors and ordinary people took part in shares of the Fund “give life” and toy store Hamleys.

Благотворительная акция «Добрая ёлка» набирает обороты

Actress and Director Evgeniya Dmitrieva, actress and TV presenter Jeanne Epple, actor Vitaliy Abdulov, musician and businessman Andrey Kovalev, the singer Manizha, broadcaster Paul Mavridi, singer Katya LEL and singer Arseny Borodin, and a member of the “Quartet And” Kamil Larin first took part in the charity event.

The organizers of the “Good tree” was a British chain of toy stores Hamleys and the Fund “give life”. The action started in the Central children’s store (CCS) at the Lubyanka and is now in its fifth year. According to the Director of Fund “present life” Ekaterina Shergova, each year about 5,000 charity organizations because of disease spend the Christmas holidays in hospital wards. And they all look forward to the New year

Representatives of the Fund “give life” learned in advance they have, what gift they would like to receive from Santa Claus and snow Maiden. Wishes the children wrote on the postcards and hung on the “Good Trees” in Moscow shops Hamleys. Celebrity guests were choosing the cards and fulfilled the dreams of children.

Благотворительная акция «Добрая ёлка» набирает обороты

Choosing a gift for one of the children, the singer Manizha remembered his childhood.
“Not to say that we are very rich lived, and not all the parents could afford to give the children gifts. Probably the most important gift in childhood was the expectation of the holiday. When my mother cooked delicious salads. A festive table. The whole family was gathered together. We have spent a long time in exile, not seen many. And in the 28 years I understand that the most important gift was meeting with relatives. I remember this fondly. And about material things somehow did not think. I don’t know how to give gifts. Always afraid not to please. Choose not what you need. But my nephews all turns out. I have three of them. Therefore, cars and other gifts we every new year we set together.”

Благотворительная акция «Добрая ёлка» набирает обороты

But the musician and businessman Andrei Kovalev dad
he served in Hungary and brought him metal electric road.
– In 60-e years it was something fantastic. And I remember I was given a scooter. As a boy at school came and I was four, probably, and says: let go! I gave a ride. I was a good boy. Two hours later, my grandmother told me: go home, boy will not come. I was waiting for my scooter — still waiting… My son Nikita loves little cars — he probably has them already a thousand. But really, the last time he was long to play with them. I feel that the kid is growing and now the best gift is a book. He read a lot was — he was five years old.”

Благотворительная акция «Добрая ёлка» набирает обороты

In the near future will join the campaign and other famous people, but it can be anyone. You need to find a “Good Tree” in any Hamleys store, choose a card on the Christmas tree, buying a coveted toy, pay for it and leave at the checkout. During the Christmas holidays all of these gifts will be for children in hospitals.

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