Grown-up son of Tina Kandelaki has entered adulthood

Повзрослевший сын Тины Канделаки вступил во взрослую жизнь The presenter is proud of success of 15-year-old Leonty. Apparently, the young man graduated nine classes and received a certificate of basic General education. Fans of Tina Kandelaki was amazed at how quickly her children are growing.

Host and General producer of the TV sports channel Tina Kandelaki rarely shared with fans details his personal life. The star rarely puts in a microblog footage of her husband Vasily Brovko, as well as beloved children – 17-year-old Melania and 15-year-old Leonty. However, recently, a celebrity made an exception and released a picture of grown-up heir. Tina genuinely proud of his progress. Apparently, Leontius received basic General education after finishing nine classes. In the picture, which appeared in Instagram Kandelaki, a young man posing with a certificate in the form of a cadet.

“Demobilization,” joked Tina.

Numerous followers Kandelaki began to congratulate her family on this important event. In their opinion, Tina worthy change grows. They also found that the famous TV presenter more like a sister Leontius than a parent. “What a beautiful Son – a copy of mom”, “person”, “Success”, “Gorgeous couple”, “Tina looks great”, “Real man”, “Pride”, “good luck,” was discussed by the followers of a celebrity.

We also add that on eldest daughter Tina Kandelaki Melania know more than about her brother. In 2015, the girl debuted at the annual ball of Tatler magazine together with Lisa Sand, Sasha Strizhenovoj, Catherine Dellos, Anna Shulgina, Anastasia Grishaeva and other carriers well-known names.

During an interview with editors of glossy magazines Melania admitted that he is interested in music. The girl plays the piano and does vocals seriously. In the words of the successor of the well-known TV presenter, she’s already starting to compose his own songs, but is afraid to share them with the public. As for other Hobbies Kondrachine, she loves contemporary fiction and satire, listening to the band One Republic and often wears clothes in the style of grunge. Famous mom Melanie teaches not to focus on the opinion of the spiteful critics and to do what she sees fit.

It is worth noting that this year Kondrahin graduated from the Metropolitan school with profound studying of English language. At first she planned on becoming a historian, but eventually decided to follow in the footsteps of mother. “I will enter the faculty of journalism, if you can. (…) I decided that I wanted to have a social profession, to whirl among the people. Dream of learning how to speak beautifully and to get a decent education. Mother my choice, of course, endorsed and supported”, – said Melania “StarHit”. Do the right thing: what profession chosen children Guzeeva, Kandelaki and Wernicke