Dana Borisova refuses to communicate with mother

Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с мамой The woman arrived in the Studio “Let them speak” to see her daughter. Dana Borisova arrived in Moscow to take part in a talk show. The presenter is being treated at the clinic of Thailand, where she was sent in the spring.
Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с мамой

At the end of April mom of the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova made a sensational statement – her daughter is suffering from drug addiction. She asked friends, including the leading “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov, to help her successor, who is raising 10-year-old child. Mom Dana Borisova rescues her from drug addiction

Friends of the presenter fraudulently took her to a drug treatment clinic, which is located in Thailand. They said that will be Given to reality shows, but because in the beginning the woman did not understand what was happening.

Borisov arrived one day in Moscow in the program “Let them talk” to talk about the road to recovery.

“The ninth of may – my second birthday, the day I admitted my addiction,” said Dana.
Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с мамой

The presenter told us that for several weeks denied the dependency, and therefore tried by all means to prove that it must be picked up from the clinic. Then gradually she began to attend classes in the group – some of the stories on it made a lasting impression. Dana told me that the medical establishment is designed for rich people who can afford expensive treatment.

Andrey Malakhov recalled that Borisova managed to smuggle drugs to Thailand.

Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с мамой“I was using in rehab, laying “tracks” for seven days – says Given. – And then I have not closed the door to the bath, and found out.”

Dana admitted that she was watching a talk show, where her mother talked about addiction. She was unfortunate that the native people told the whole country about its problems.

“I’m not ready with my mom to chat, relationships with relatives and worked at the late stages of rehabilitation”, – said the presenter.

Dana told us that she’s scared for what will happen in her future life. “I don’t want to go back to the emptiness in which I lived the last years alone. I didn’t want to work not because I’m lazy, working from the age of 16. I was so uninteresting to herself, telling everyone, “leave me alone, I’m 40 years old!” I liked it I had a perverted mind, to follow its “decomposition”, collapse from outside”, – said the woman.

Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с мамой

Borisov said that she saw in the eyes of Pauline, the girl understands everything. This idea pushes Dana to a speedy recovery. Also, Dana admitted that her mother also need to go to special classes. But the woman admitted that the mom is lazy and not engaged.

“This is a chronic disease, I have to learn to live with it. On this sobriety we have to work,” admitted Dana.

Borisova revealed the shocking truth: her PR Director Tim Brick, who died last year, was the first who gave her to try things that are prohibited. Prokhor Chaliapin, who was also present in the Studio, tried to shield his friend, but Dana did not give up their words.

Andrey Malakhov remembered that mom presenter told me that the drugs supplied to the stylist ray. Dana agreed with this statement. In the Studio there was a man – he returned the car keys, passport and a pass. He said that paying bills, picking up the child from school when the woman was not able to do it myself.

Дана Борисова отказывается общаться с мамой

Despite the fact that Dana was not ready to talk with her mother, Ekaterina Ivanovna could not miss the chance to see my daughter. Borisov hugged mum, who was thrilled to see her.

At the end of the program, Dana Borisova made a statement: she intends to open her own clinic for the treatment of drug addicts.