Повзрослевший сын Наташи Королевой стал копией отца
The singer was found with the Name after so long.

Natasha Queen and her son Arkhip

Photo: @natellanatella Instagram Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva was among the stars who arrived in Sochi for the music festival Grigoriy Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”. For the singer this trip was special because she was able to spend precious moments with my son — Archip. The Queen for the first time published a joint with the son, caused a stir. Fans of the actress found that during his absence his name has matured and become a copy of his father — Sergey Glushko. Some of the subscribers did not even realize that the pictures next to Natasha and captured her son, not husband.

The Queen, incidentally, not so long ago confessed that she worked very hard parting with Archip. Boy indefinitely went to live with her grandmother in Miami, where he studied at a local school. Because of the problems with education in Russia, Natasha was forced to send his son overseas. Now the artist maintains with her son a relationship online but to see him only during school holidays.

“To part with the child, have opportunities every day to hug him, to kiss the night — it’s very hard for mom. But in this situation I was not thinking about how I’ll feel, but about what’s best for my son. And it is impossible to keep the boy in the greenhouse, carefully protecting it from all problems…” — said Natasha not so long ago in an interview 7days.ru.