Алла Михеева рассказала о мужчине, который ее осчастливил The presenter said that he had fulfilled his cherished dream. She managed to make the descent from the mountains and carrying a burning torch. To perform this procedure, the girl had to spend several years training. Instructor celebrities have made every effort to be able to achieve this. He helped star to fulfill his dream.

      Alla Mikheeva holds new year’s eve on one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world. Girl friends went to Courchevel to explore the snow-covered Alps and to experience unforgettable sensations. Judging by the photos, the girl bored. It’s fun to spend time with buddies, visiting local institutions and actively shares photos from vacation with subscribers. As it turned out, Mikheeva went to France to make a responsible descent from the mountain with lighted torches.

      Get me soon: runaway star for the holidays

      The TV said that he was very nervous before taking part in an event of this magnitude. Accompanied by professional instructors, she finally gave permission to descend to the springboard. Alla said that the cost of repeated efforts, she successfully passed the required exams. The girl did not restrain his emotions and thanked his coach Bruno, who was in charge. Thanks to this man Mikheeva realized the dream right on Christmas night.

      “For 6 years my dream has come true at Christmas! Finally I passed all the exams, and I was allowed with all the trainers, 300 people, holding torches, to descend from the mountain to the springboard! To say that I’m happy to say nothing! Special thanks to my instructor, Bruno!” – enthusiastic TV presenter wrote on Instagram.

      By the way, Mikheev managed to mount the video right from the event and share it with your fans. They were able to see how training camp participants, what was the atmosphere in the award-winning resort. Obviously, Alla was supported by her friends. After all, girls this moment was one of the highlights in life. She wasn’t planning to get this opportunity in this year, however, as seen by the posts on the Network, everything couldn’t be better.

      “Merry Christmas, my beloved and dear! All the light! Christmas evening descent from the Alps! As I already said, it was my dream,” commented on a video celebrity.

      The reaction of the subscribers do not have to wait long. Those expressed admiration for what he saw and began to congratulate Alla with such a wonderful event in her life. Many admitted that they have never heard about such descents from the Alps, but it seems that the video cannot fully capture the atmosphere. Someone openly admitted that he is jealous of the media personality, after all, she spent an incredibly rich and vivid holidays. Netizens also noted that in the winter vacation you need to drive it in the mountains, because only there can create a true winter holiday. “Allah, no words! Incredibly beautiful!” “That’s crazy. Striking MASSTAB what is happening!”, “You are so good! Thanks for a great video, How cool! My dream is to someday experience something like that” – vostorzhenno wrote commentators.