Дочь Филиппа Киркорова поразила талантом актрисы Five-year-old Alla-Victoria brilliantly reads a poem by Sasha Cherny. Difficult for the child’s perception of the work of the poet of the Silver age “Christmas” the little daughter of Philip Kirkorov learned by heart and told with much feeling and understanding of what the author says.

      Philip has two children, a daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin. The king of pop doted to his heirs. Star dad long enough to protect kids from prying eyes, not showing them to fans. But when the son and daughter of the singer grew up, he gladly began to share some moments from the lives of their heirs. Philip Kirkorov celebrated the birthday of his daughter

      In five of Alla-Victoria not so long ago appeared your account on Instagram, where from time to time Philip publishes pictures and vivid videos with the participation of girls. Wanting to wish their fans merry Christmas, the singer shared a homemade video. In the frame close-up shot of Alla-Victoria, who reads the poem of Sasha Cherny “Christmas”.

      “In the manger slept on fresh hay
      A quiet, tiny Christ.
      Month, emerging from the shadows
      Len stroked his hair…
      The bull breathed in the face of a baby
      And, straw rustling,
      On the elastic trick
      Staring, barely breathing…” – with a greater understanding and sense recite Alla-Victoria.

      A large and very complex for the child’s perception of the poem the little girl memorized and spoke almost without hesitation. Only once been heard, as behind the scenes Alla-Victoria one sentence told one of the adults. Fans of Philip Kirkorov immediately came to the conclusion that the girl was not deprived of the talents of the actress and already eager to see her soon on stage or screen.

      “Well, the actress will definitely be in the future,” “Oh, you’re Dinan, this umnichka! God be with you”, “how lovely! With a sense of the narrated poem”, “What a long verse! What a good girl Alla-Victoria,” the admired heiress of the king of pop to his fans.

      Philip has a reputation as a very caring and attentive father, trying to do so that Alla-Victoria and her brother Martin grew up versatile individuals. Daughter of the king of pop began to engage in artistic gymnastics. Trains baby the best specialist in this field, has brought up not one Olympic champion, coach Irina Viner-Usmanova.

      Incidentally, Philip a long time thinking about the sporting future for her daughter. And Viner-Usmanova told him the direction, noticing at one event that the girl is incredibly plastic and can manifest itself in gymnastics. Kirkorov has no doubt that the son will soon be sport for the soul, because the boy grows flexible and agile.