Natalia Varvina proved the love for a spouse

Наталья Варвина доказала любовь к супругу The woman decided to publicly congratulate a loved one on this important event. She published a joint photo with her husband and accompanied him touching comment. Fans of the pair were pleasantly surprised by the words of a celebrity in the address of choice.

      One of the most striking and spectacular of the ex-participants “Houses-2” Natalia Varvina doesn’t put his life on display. Despite the popularity that she earned in seven years on the project, the star rarely shares touching photos with her husband Alexei Mikhailovsky. As soon as Varvina publishes pictures with her beloved fans throw them a couple of the many compliments. This time Natalia told followers that her husband’s birthday. Taking the opportunity, she fell in love with Alex.

      Natalia Varvina was the perfect housewife

      The woman did not hide his feelings. She, apparently, was looking forward to 7 January, the day the family celebrated two important feast. In a microblog celebrity thanked darling for his patience and understanding. His recognition of it provoked a lively reaction among users of the Network. They joined in congratulating Vallinas.

      “Today is a special day. The birthday of my beloved husband. My husband is a man with exceptional patience, great sense of tact, kindness and keen mind. I love him very much. And I want to congratulate all a merry Christmas,” wrote Natalia Varvina in the Network.

      Fans of the pair thanked Natalia for what she shared with him a photograph with her husband. Some openly admitted that due to the lack of a joint frame with the choice they have the idea that the family of the stars, something happened. But Varvina apparently did not give due attention to social life, therefore making posts of this kind on particularly memorable occasions. Most commentators wrote that the beloved look happy. They are, in their own words, learned again how much they fit together.

      “You make a lovely couple! Congratulations to husband,” “you are wonderful, Natasha. And you have a wonderful husband!”, “You lads are together. Take care of each other. Now so much divorce”, “Sincere congratulations and words of respect to your team,” comments the enthusiastic fans of Marvinol.

      Recall that for seven years, Natalia Varvina was a member of “House-2”. In 2011, she managed to get the title of “Man of the year”. Shortly after the competition she decided to leave the project because she failed to find love. However, in 2013, it became known that Marvina is in a relationship with the General producer of telestroke Alexei Mikhailovsky. The lovers managed to elope together and even get married. Since then, the pair remains inseparable.