Алену Апину осудили за фото с двойником Примадонны The artist has placed on the page in a social network a picture in which she supposedly sits near ispolnitelniy. Realizing that a photo can cause a lot of questions from subscribers, the singer left a comment that this is not Alla Pugacheva. However, some followers have ignored the explanation of the star and collapsed on top of her with criticism.

      Алену Апину осудили за фото с двойником Примадонны

      Alena Apina did not know that picture with the parodist Alexey Zolotov will cause such a heated debate. She published a picture with the showman, who was in the image of Alla Pugacheva. A certain similarity with a celebrity clearly, so the artist wrote under the post in Instagram that this is not a great performer, and its double. Probably Apina thought that fans won’t wonder who is still depicted in the photograph.

      Alena Apina undressed for a new clip

      By the way, the reaction of users has been mixed. Some members found many similarities between Zolotov and Donna, however, hastened to note that Dolly parton isn’t anyone to be confused. Commentators have noticed that after a radical transformation of the artist, even the most experienced doubles will be hard to write off the beloved singer.

      “Hurrah! First selfie for this year! This is Alex Zolotov , not myself! But fun already!” – wrote in his account of Alena Apina.

      Alena Apina has hinted that he would be happy combines a picture with Pugacheva, but she’s just as nice to be around double actress. Aleksey Zolotov is one of the few artists who can more or less match the Diva on foreign and vocal data. “Difficult to parody Alla – look at the world through her eyes. Unfortunately, with Alla personally do not know,” says the man. Apparently, parodist clearly impressed with Alena, so she decided to publish this picture.

      Subscribers who do not pay attention to the caption to the photo stated that Epinoy an urgent need to remove the from the Network, because it may not appeal to Alla Borisovne. According to followers, is not the best frame of stars, so it must be hide from the public. People who are convinced that next to Alena Pugacheva sits, expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with what he saw. “Yes, really, surprised, frustrated by what he saw, I’m sorry”, “Pugachev tear for this photo! Clean! Failed! Otherwise it will be the last photo with her!” – posted by outraged fans.

      Astute commentators came to the defense of Alena saying that she didn’t mean to mislead. She immediately said that the photo shows double Divas. Moreover, the followers noted that the seeming similarities of artists they do not like each other.

      “You read to start to learn and look at photos carefully. It is not Pugachev!”, “Pugacheva eyes are not brown! The nose is thinner! And there is this mole from his nose! So really, read carefully!”, “It’s not Joe. Apina explained everything. What kind of people?” – posted by fans of Epinoy in the Network.