Alexey Vorobyov had to permanently leave the country

Алексею Воробьеву пришлось надолго покинуть страну The artist adopted the role in the famous American series. In the coming months, a man will work overseas. For this reason, he will not be able to visit the homeland. Popular artist adopted the role of a large project. Not every actor can boast of such success abroad.

      Алексею Воробьеву пришлось надолго покинуть страну

      A week ago Alexey Vorobyov was supposed to go to the festival, Grigory Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”, but at the last moment changed his plans. Alex was forced to refuse participation in the festival in favor of major foreign project.

      Alexei Vorobyov: “I’m to be a father”

      It was rather suddenly, – says Alexei “StarHit”. – In mid-December I was invited to the casting of a popular American series in Los Angeles, but before 30 I starred in the lead role of detective Thriller “Schubert”, so naturally, to urgently fly nowhere – not to let colleagues down the court! But to participate, of course, I wanted to.”
      Алексею Воробьеву пришлось надолго покинуть страну“The decision came naturally: at night, after shift, I had to remove the so-called self tape (sonoprobe), asking to play along with our artist in makeup, speaking in English. I knew that for this role’s auditioning for at least another thousand actors, so the news that I approved it, was a complete surprise! So had to change all plans that did not happen, as the old joke about the Christmas Tree”, – told the artist.
      Алексею Воробьеву пришлось надолго покинуть страну

      Fly Alex had at least six months – ten series project, whose name is kept secret until the signing of the contract, removed many months. Therefore, to finish all Affairs in Russia, it had as quickly as possible. But if the concerts and the shooting was able to cancel some commitments he was obliged to perform prior to departure. Shortly before the Christmas holidays Vorobyov received the first advertising order as a Director. One of the online services of a taxi hired Alexei, asking him to remove the whole mini-drama, of course, with the participation of his colleagues and followers Polina Maksimova. Artists for the third time had to play crazy in love couple, so, is possible to say that another sequel to the clip “Crazy”.

      Алексею Воробьеву пришлось надолго покинуть страну“Due to urgent departure, he had to make this difficult shot and to shoot a promotional video almost a day. Immediately after the New year, yet still had a rest, – told the “StarHit” the representative of the production company Vorobyeva No Risk No Fun Production. – To take this job, he didn’t sleep more than twenty hours before the plane almost did not eat and did not even have time to pack when you leave for the airport directly from the set. Will buy everything you need already in place – the shooting in cold Canada, and at home in Los Angeles Alexei only summer”.

      Part Vorobyov in the popular television series United States – only the second case when the Russian actor was approved for a project of this magnitude. Before this could Yuri Kolokol’nikov, who starred in “Game of thrones”.