Повзрослевшая дочь Эминема произвела фурор в Сети Haley Scott has become an Internet star. Despite the fact that the successor of the rapper rarely shares moments from the lives of her account in Instagram more than two hundred thousand subscribers. His kinship with the well-known performer Haley are trying to advertise.

      Pictures of 21-year-old daughter of Eminem Hailey jade Scott, which recently surfaced online, not a little excited the public. Indeed, many remember the successor of the famous rapper as a child. Since then, as Eminem first introduced the Haley fans over the decades. The very musician is now 44 years old and he categorically denies rumors of reuniting with ex-wife Kimberly Scott, gave the star Hayley jade in December 1995.

      The daughter of a famous rapper rarely publishes photos to social networks, but every picture of Scott cause a storm of emotions among its subscribers. They support its publication marks “I like”. At the moment, for the life of the blond heiress Eminem watch more than two hundred thousand people. Looking at the pictures Hayley jade, it is difficult to say that she is in relationship with the star of the Western show-business. Scott is not eager to advertise that her father is an iconic performer who blew up all the charts around the world.

      On one of the recent photos of the girl posing in long leggings and a crop top. Along with Haley jade in one shot you can see the lovely dog. Apparently, this darling pet daughter of a celebrity. The other pictures Scott seems very happy in the company of her boyfriend. Eminem fans are happy for his daughter and wish her every success.

      By the way, some social media users compared the young beauty with his co-star’s Instagram – model-Alena Shishkova. According to them, girls have similar facial features and manner to be photographed. In addition, Shishkov also likes to emphasize the advantages of your figure-fitting and revealing outfits.

      Recall that Eminem has been repeatedly recognized in love to the heiress. The actor also dedicated to Haley jade a few songs that became world-famous hits.

      “I want to watch every step to my daughter, I want to be with her on her first day at school, I want to do all the things that my father did not. He walked with me to play basketball, baseball. All I had to do one… ” said the rapper in one of the early interviews.

      We also add that Haley graduated with honors from Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton, Michigan. At the native school Scott recognized beauty Queen. Her famous father has been a guest on that memorable evening. “That’s my girl!” – said a joyful rapper, not hiding my emotions from the public.