Дмитрий Брекоткин наживался на друзьях при помощи машины Star KVN loved to make fun of your friends. Team “Ural pelmeni” Sergey Isaev remember Breakin bought the first car, which was remarkable for the absence of the fuel tank in the trunk.

      Дмитрий Брекоткин наживался на друзьях при помощи машины

      Today, March 28, the star of KVN celebrates 47 years. Until in 1993 he became part of the University team “Ural dumplings”, the future comedian worked on a construction site. He reached there after military service in the tank troops in Germany and studying at the Technical University, from which native of Yekaterinburg was expelled for truancy.

      But Bramatkin not too upset, because on his first job he learned a lot: he was a Mason, a carpenter, a Mason, a welder, a loader and slinger. Soon accumulated money enough to Dmitry on the car – the legendary “Moskvich-412” bright orange color, one of the most popular models of the time.

      “He bought it second-hand, says a friend of Dmitri, his teammate Sergey Isaev. The car at the time it was more than ten years. Dima was proud of the acquisition, the more so because it helped him to play around…

      The car, Dima was a secret. In this model the gas tank is not on the side as usual, and in the trunk. But the car was so old that the tank is rotted along with the floor when it is opened, through the giant hole in the hull was visible in the asphalt. Dima turned to avtoslesar, where he was some clever way of adapting a five-liter canister, by connecting it with the front of the machine.
      Дмитрий Брекоткин наживался на друзьях при помощи машины

      This trick helped Bragodino to win one argument and even earn extra money. We, close friends of course knew about this feature of the car, but cost a dime to get in unfamiliar company, he’s definitely in the conversation casually noticed that, well, he has a car, but not simple, but magical – it goes without gasoline. Of course, people immediately lifted him to laugh, that unflappable fellow proposed a bet: “I Bet 10 rubles, I open the trunk, and there is no fuel tank! Come see”.

      Not feeling the trick, opponents readily agreed, because it is not such that the car in the air went! But they were disappointed: looking into the trunk, they saw him as nothing but a huge hole. All threw Bramatkin issues, how can this be? What Dima retorted that that is another question. No fuel tank in the trunk? No. So, chase your money… People had to give Dima blood.
      Дмитрий Брекоткин наживался на друзьях при помощи машины

      We are willing to explore it a miracle machine, because all understood that the tank somewhere, but each to his swallow did not admit anyone again and again and played with her using the fans to argue. Well, we, his friends, every time I see long faces for the first time beheld Diminu the car roared with laughter.

      On “Muscovite” each spent 20 years, sold it at auction for a whopping $ 900! Before you part with the car, together with Bragadini and the other “dumplings” all of it painted. Bought a car a couple of newlyweds. In General, Dima often made us laugh. In our team, the joke goes that we Brechtken know from the inside, and in the truest sense. When I first started touring, he came once at the airport, stand bags through the x-ray, which shines through Luggage, skip. And then Breakin you can’t break down and get in this thing! The next minute we saw his skeleton, crawling on the ribbon conveyor, and, of course, could not stop laughing. When he got out, shook his finger at his temple, because it could be dangerous – exposure and all that… fortunately, nothing happened: Dima has three children now.

      But it is not always Breakin jokes on us, sometimes the other “dumplings” manages to take revenge on him for eternal desire to play all around. For many years we have from time to time get together to play hockey. Somehow he mixed up the workout and did not come to the beginning and the end. Comes in the locker room, and we after the game the clothes are replaceable. “Well, now, like bomb them, right?” – asks Bramatkin, referring to competitors. I looked at my children and realized – he doesn’t get that we already skated. Decided to play along with him: Yes, now let’s get hot, get changed faster.

      You should have seen his face when he, fully dressed, hat and stick in hand, solemnly announced to us that he is ready to fight, and we told him that training has already passed…”

      Дмитрий Брекоткин наживался на друзьях при помощи машины