Группе «На-На» приказано похудеть к юбилею Алибасова Musicians need to lose 25 pounds. Bari Alibasov intends to celebrate a birthday on stage – to organize a concert. A man wants to see his players in excellent physical shape.

      Группе «На-На» приказано похудеть к юбилею Алибасова

      This year, the famous producer Bari Alibasov is 70 years old. Anniversary he is going to celebrate on stage – now he is preparing a concert program. Man wants to go at the highest level, and therefore requires a full commitment from his players, popular in 90-e years of group “on-On”. Bari Karimovich has decided that artists need to regain form. He thought that Vladimir Politov, V. Zherebkin, Leonid Semidano and Mikhail Igonin required to lose weight.

      “To my anniversary at least 25 pounds from the whole group! Can a gift not to be thrown off. In the restaurant all through the scale to start going! Even if they want to, then do so in 1995. I was even on the coach to spend money I will not let them Mikhail Igonin all rides. He’s the youngest, worked as an instructor. Officially allowed in the group “hazing Vice versa,” said Alibasov “StarHit”.
      Группе «На-На» приказано похудеть к юбилею Алибасова

      The producer is shocked that the musicians allow themselves uncontrollably have a sweet tooth and tuck into the cakes that they are groupies. He gets upset when his players do not pay enough time for sports.

      “Costumes they’ve been applying for a few million, will not fit in them, will act in the buff, they are not used to!” said Bari Karimovich.

      Alibasov hopes that Michael Igonin will be able to help your colleagues to get in shape. The artist thinks that he will be difficult to follow them, especially on the road. However, the musician has accepted the responsibility assigned to it by the producer.

      “Thank weighs 87 pounds, and he needs to be in the best case 80. The problem is that it is itself quite strong, and muscle is good. He’s always got a load of decent: bass guitar, which he jumps around the stage here and there, and a bunch of little kids at home. But I painted it for cardio and made a small program with a small weight in the hall, adjusted his food. More vegetables and meat in its purest form,” – said the soloist of group “on-On”.

      Michael noted that Vladimir can give odds to some young people. He remembered that not so long ago, the man gave the country a competition “who will press from the floor”. Igonin was surprised to learn that Politov was able to win over 16-year-olds.