Александр Петров и Ирина Старшенбаум уединились в Италии The stars of the blockbuster “Gravity” staged romantic stay in Rome. While abroad, Alexander Petrov congratulated beloved happy birthday. Fans of the actor couple are delighted with the idyll that reigns between them.

      March 30 star of the blockbuster novel “Gravity” Irina Starshenbaum was 25 years old. The congratulations of relatives and friends of the actress joined her many fans. They devote Irina publications in social networks, wishing her happiness, health and a bright and interesting projects.

      Alexander Petrov and Irina Starshenbaum getting ready for the wedding

      Perhaps the most memorable gift the actress has made her choice Alexander Petrov. On the eve of the holiday lovers went to Italy by plane. While residents of the capital complain of cold wind and freezing temperatures, Alexander and Irina are enjoying the scorching sun, because now in Rome around 24 degrees Celsius. The couple love to walk to local attractions, rides bikes and tries the delicacies.

      In the special day Petrov shared a funny video recorded in an Italian restaurant. In a short video his girlfriend pretends to have forgotten about their occasion.

      “Today is the birthday of van Gogh. He was born March 30,… Dear van Gogh, I congratulate you happy birthday and wish you a huge number of beautiful sunflowers in the sun that absorb your universe with love,” he joked Irina Starshenbaum.

      Fans of the actor pair found that the video was quite funny. “How cute”, “Waiter done, not confused”, “Good day to you”, “I Love you”, “Such loose”, “Irina, happy holidays to you!”, “What you’re wonderful”, “Let’s van Gogh”, discussed by users of social networks.

      Petrov has previously shared another funny moment from the trip abroad. “Rome. Ira performs Michael Jackson dance on the bike” – said the artist to the fans. Those appreciated the humor of a young man and wrote the actors a lot of compliments. “Cool”, “Happy”, “Perfect”, “Lucky”, “Good”, “the Insanely and infinitely favorite”, “Awesome”, wrote the fans of the stars.

      We also add that in the future it is planned to release the sequel to the blockbuster film “Gravity”, in which Petrov and Starshenbaum has played a major role. The decision of the producers affected by the financial success of the picture – she managed to collect more than billion at the box office. Currently working on the script for the upcoming film. Other details of the second part of one of the most discussed bands of winter are still unknown.