Михаил Пореченков спровоцировал скандал высказыванием о «Битве экстрасенсов» Former host of the popular show spoke about. Mikhail Porechenkov said his vision of what was happening on the set. Vlad Kadoni participated in one season transfer, was quick to refute the words of men.

      Михаил Пореченков спровоцировал скандал высказыванием о «Битве экстрасенсов»

      Throughout 17 seasons of the popular show “Battle of psychics” viewers is the question: whether all they see on screen is true. The ability of certain participants to appear amazing, and each issue is truly riveting.

      “Battle of psychics” 10 years: as show breaks the participants ‘ lives

      The show “Battle of psychics” began in 2007. Then leading the project chose the famous actor Mikhail Porechenkov. He worked for two years, from the first to the seventh season. Then his place was taken by Marat Basharov.

      This morning, Mikhail Porechenkov became the guest of the program “Lifts” in the Studio “Our radio”. Leading could not miss the question about his work in the show “Battle of psychics.” They inquired about whether the truth of everything that happens on the set.

      “I with them worked. Kalda-the bulldozer, I say. All lies! Yes, totally. What is there not to disclose? Truth be told. I all upset?” – with the inherent irony said Michael live.

      At these words they reacted a former project participant and now a host of “House-2” Vlad Kadoni. He took part in the 11th season of the show “Battle of psychics.” A man was angered by the fact that earlier Porechenkov, he said, believed everything that happens on the set of genuine and marveled at the supernatural abilities of the participants. According to Vlad, Porechenkov moved away from television, and therefore allows himself to make such statements.

      The current host of the popular show Marat Basharov told in one interview that someone really impersonating people with supernatural powers. Marat Basharov intends to punish psychics

      “Very surprised, two characters — a mother and daughter. No one test is normally not done, and in the end blamed me that I disturb them and that brought the mother to the Ambulance. Such people need to drive the filthy broom not only from “the battle of psychics”, but with the television. Viewers, please don’t go to their receptions, do not pay them money. It quacks,” – said Basharov.

      Marat declared that was tired to answer the question about the veracity of what the audience sees on the screen. He invited the people to draw conclusions. The actor believes that all enough to see the tears of joy or grief to any of the characters to understand everything.