Afrikantov fled the country after the break with Chuyev

Африкантова сбежала из страны после разрыва с Чуевым The girl decided to relax on the Islands. According to the mother of Marina Afrikantov, her daughter stopped talking about the painful relationship with Andrew Chuyev and tries to start a new life. The fans hope that the star of “House-2” will never tolerate tyranny.

      In early March, all fans of “House-2” was struck by the news that one of the most beautiful couples of the reality show broke up. The fact that Marina Afrikantov refused to leave the telestroke along with his lover Andrew Chuyev. In the end, the man left for the perimeter one. Now Marina decided to go to the Seychelles to start a new phase of life and say goodbye to the past. However, in this heavenly place Afrikantov and Chuev spent unforgettable days together. Andrey Chuev, “While the haters are sitting on the Internet, we are a Marina in the Seychelles”

      “You were waiting for us in the “night sitting,” but it took us all time to pack the Marina in the Seychelles. Marina all of you says hi, and next Saturday, we will be able to see it on TV. The mood she’s good, about their past relationships, she says, as if it was not in her life tyrant-master. To be free and a lot better. We wish her a soft landing and to inform as soon as there on the Islands, people live,” – said Marina’s mother Tatiana.

      The fans hope that a past relationship has become a lesson for the girls, and now she just will not admit mistakes when choosing a life partner. Some even suggested what man could be a good match for Marina. “And who is looking for groom on the project – nothing there track no. Marina want an independent intelligent man, kind and sympathetic, like her dad. To look for such need in the near beyond-design environment, among friends of the father or grandfather of a Professor – their sons and grandsons”, “Tatiana, don’t let her reconciliation Marina Chuyev. Well, it’s certainly not the man that she needs in life. Such a good girl,” wrote a follower.

      Marina admitted that the relationship with Andrew was her suffering. She had to adjust to his mood and to do only what I say to her lover. Moreover, Afrikantov says that Chuev allowed to dispose of her money on they flew through girls like a man invested all the money in the construction and even got into debt. Afrikantov told how he suffered from the tyranny Chueva

      According to the parents of Afrikantova, they tried to reason with her daughter. After rasstavaniya Marina and her lover, mom and dad do not have to hide any suffering they experienced the heiress.

      “Dear Chuev! Finally, our Marina figured out who you are. She once wrote on the phone as yelling Chuev. She came home and told Alexander. “Daddy, I’m tired,” she confessed. “Run, run. Just don’t do it in the Seychelles, and then there he’ll kill you and bury you,” said her father,” said Afrikantov was the eldest.