Григорий Лепс рассказал, чем поет мужчина

Grigory Leps became the protagonist of the new edition of the program “Pozner”, where a fascinating conversation with Vladimir Pozner told about his participation in the show “the Voice”, about appearances and how a real man sings.

So, Leps admitted that he is often a guest of the government program of concerts, a performance which considers honor and recognition: “I don’t always make the decision yourself — there are people who advise me what to do. This my friends, great friends. Not to play at some government concert — this is unacceptable for me. Except that if I am somewhere else. And then, if there is a possibility, though little, I’ll try to come. Many may say that I am an opportunist, or hypocrite is their right”.

During the interview also touched on a new theme for Gregory experience of judging at the talent show “the Voice”.

Leps said that from the beginning rather skeptic of it, because initially didn’t understand, could this be him is interesting: “When I plunged into this atmosphere, I really became interested. Singing a lot of great young performers – they sing well, they have not the torn ligament. How happened or did not happen my job – to judge by the result”.

We will remind, the victory in “the Voice” won the father Photios, whose mentor was Leps: “Well, to be honest, father Photios and his mentor Grigory Leps – funny sounds. It must be my Confessor. He certainly was not the best. He has a great voice, but he was very worried”.

Couldn Posner not to ask about the vocal talents of the Leps. Here’s what the musician said: “There is in force incomprehensible to me the law. Perhaps there is no answer. Maybe some kind of penetration must be. To be honest, the man sings in two places – the heart and eggs. If you people make, listen to, believe in you, all right.”

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