Мать Анастасии Волочковой встала на ее защиту On the talk show Oksana Pushkina, the woman tried to protect ballerina from the attacks of the presenter, despite the history of their highly complex relationship. She is convinced that a ballerina leads a decent life and does not deserve reproach.

      Мать Анастасии Волочковой встала на ее защиту

      Oksana Pushkin has caused Anastasia Volochkova for a Frank conversation in his program “the mirror for the hero” on NTV. 40-year-old ballerina had to answer a lot of the most not comfortable issues: their desire to get into show business, about the divorce with her ex-husband Igor, about the scandalous photos online and much more.

      The entire program of Pushkin, without mincing words, denounced the present life and the scandalous behavior Volochkova. In particular, she accused her of vulgarity, explaining that he considers it unnecessary and unacceptable. However, Anastasia countered that some people like, some don’t – will not please everyone. Oksana explained that attacking her only because she is ashamed and bitter to see the difference between what was her friend and what she has become. Recall that Pushkin is a godmother 10-year-old daughter Volochkova – Ariadne.

      Guests were also invited Anastasia’s mom – Tamara – which came to the defense of her daughter. After Oksana that Volochkova has turned into a freak, she could not resist and joined in the conversation. She reminded and leading, and to all the viewers that she is the children’s projects, which she also reported in social networks, however, that none of the journalists and the public is not interested. Tamara also reminded the entire history of unfair dismissal from the Bolshoi theatre, adding that she definitely left an imprint on the character of the ballerina.

      Returning to the subject of scandal, Volochkova explained his behavior thus: “Draw attention to the outrageous social problems to children, to concert activity… I break stereotypes of human worldviews”. Question Tamara on Oksana about her attitude toward the behavior her daughter answered honestly: “I Justify it all!”

      The fact that Volochkova mother openly stood up to protect her daughter throughout the transfer, for many has become extremely amazing. Relations between them were always uneasy: from worship to attempt to find out relations in court. Tamara didn’t like the ex-husband Volochkovoj Igor Vdovin, nor the subsequent men who care for her. The real cold war started in a time when Anastasia wrote the book “History of Russian ballerina” on his creative life and has publicized details of his relationship with his mother, which angered her. They didn’t talk to each other for more than six months, and it was even rumoured that she was going to bring to the daughter in court.

      Despite all the difficulties in communication of mother and daughter, the woman decided that they were ready to take any dancer and defend it before the attacks any person, even if it’s godmother’s granddaughter.

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