Григорий Лепс: «Бывает, отменяю концерты из-за здоровья» The actor talked candidly with Yulia the baranouskaya. Grigory Leps were given a tour of the production center, and then called for a family dinner. In addition, the singer admitted that sometimes he had to apologize to the entire audience, because he physically could not speak.
Григорий Лепс: «Бывает, отменяю концерты из-за здоровья»

Grigory Leps became a guest of “Male and female” on the First channel. Yulia Baranovskaya went to visit the performer of the hit “Shot of vodka” and learned about the principles of work with young artists, his relationship with family and health. The actor claims that many young talents are lucky because they have more opportunities to develop in terms of career. In his production center has everything you need for creativity: special speakers, synthesizers, microphones and other necessary tools for recording songs.

“The secret of success is the hard work. It is a constant work on self-control, discipline,” said Leps.

Singer hall is grateful for the fact that during concerts, the audience often sing along with him. According to him, the need to constantly create. My father, however, Leps did not believe that he will be as a performer.

“The father at first thought it was a hobby that he wanted me was in the military. He did not believe in me,” said Grigory Viktorovich.
Григорий Лепс: «Бывает, отменяю концерты из-за здоровья»

The artist has a gym, which he made under him: he hangs the punching bag is running track, and installed equipment. Leps admits that he loves a long walk. “38-40 miles went to Italy. I was on vacation, was a long one. In Moscow, less able to be”, – said the singer.

Gregory V. collects prints and prefer spending most of the time with a game of Billiards. He is willing to spend a lot of money on their Hobbies. For some works he raced in the auctions.

Leps admits that sometimes he has to cancel concerts due to poor physical condition.

“The gig is not necessary. There were moments that were canceled. Went on stage and said that the performances will not. Who wants to take the tickets, passes, who does not want – can come back another time. The people were distressed, but mostly all was well. Sometimes, Yes, because of health repeal,” said Leps.
Григорий Лепс: «Бывает, отменяю концерты из-за здоровья»

The eldest daughter of Eva Leps preparing to debut on stage as part of a girly group. Leps took Yulia Baranovskaya in rehearsal for the heiress. She plans to play with another soloist at the festival Live Fest at Rosa Khutor with a provocative song about the life of a Golden youth. The girl is not afraid of criticism, because she no matter how to treat unfamiliar people. She only listens to the opinion of loved ones.