Внук Ильи Олейникова пошел по его стопам The young man thought about becoming an actor. Denis Klyaver said that his successor Timothy is a talented guy, who looks like his father, Ilya Oleinikov.
Внук Ильи Олейникова пошел по его стопам

Ex-participant of group “Tea for two” Denis Klyaver rarely tells reporters about his elder son, Timothy, who was born in his marriage with the dancer Julia. However, in a recent interview, the actor boasted success of the student. 16-year-old heir to the singer engaged in combat, interested in computer games and makes the first steps as an actor.

According to the Klyaver, Timothy is very similar to his father, Ilya Oleinikov. The man noted that he would like to son began to build a career in the movies.

Внук Ильи Олейникова пошел по его стопам“If we talk about the grandchildren, they all blood. The eldest, Timothy, so do the mentality and character – a copy of my grandfather”, – said Denis.

Timothy is also interested to rabotati in the movie. On his page in the social network among the types of activities indicated that he is an actor. The guy lucky enough to be on a film set with Yuri Stoyanov, who worked with his grandfather on “the Town”. The actors were very friendly and knew each other for years. The son of Klyaver makes every effort to achieve any purpose. In the Bank young man has multiple diplomas for participation in tournaments in Taekwondo.

“It’s very organic, so I think he will succeed. He’s a stubborn one, after all, the bronze medalist of the world championship on Taekwondo among juniors. On the days we recorded on the television program for dad’s birthday. Came family, friends, and of course, Yuri Stoyanov. And timokha was. Yura first heard that Timokha has a desire to be an actor, and invited him to rehearse, work out,” explained Denis.

In June of this year, the Klyaver went to St. Petersburg for my son’s graduation. In the microblog actor shared a video from the event and congratulated Timothy with the end of the ninth grade. The ceremony was also attended by the grandmother of the student, Irina. The woman had a hard time after the death of her husband, but she found the strength to maintain an optimistic attitude and enthusiasm.

Widow Ilya Oleinikov can’t recover from the loss of her husband

“She has three grandchildren, she has me, its work. Mom, we drive family. Of course, you can sit down and give up, but it’s the least I would like to see the father. Dad mom loved very much and did everything to make her happy”, – told Denis about her mother in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.