Оливер Стоун раскрыл тайны интервью с Владимиром Путиным American film Director told about the meeting with the President. The documentary “Putin” Oliver stone caused a great resonance in the world. Andrey Malakhov met with the author in Paris to learn the details of the conversation.
Оливер Стоун раскрыл тайны интервью с Владимиром Путиным

In mid-June, the First channel showed a documentary film by American Director Oliver stone’s “Putin”. Multi-million audience four nights was literally glued to the TV screens to learn more about the President of Russia. Leading the program “Let them talk” and the chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov met in Paris with the author of the documentary to find out what issues had not dared to ask stone the head of our country. The man gave a Frank interview in which he revealed all the secrets of the meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The Director said that the Americans do not strive to understand our President. The man said that the head of state looked perfect – he was dressed impeccably. Oliver stone announced that he and Vladimir Putin are polar opposites, but he really respects. The Director was surprised by the answer to the question, when asked how the head of state for 16 years able to maintain a schedule. “And when it was a simpler time, is never easy,” – said Putin.

Оливер Стоун раскрыл тайны интервью с Владимиром Путиным

Anatoly Kucherena, a close friend of stone, appeared in Studio “Let speak”. He noted that the Director did everything that Putin could understand in America and in other countries around the world. Andrey Malakhov recalled that during the four-hour program entry, Mr Putin will not be absent, including in the toilet. Leading the program “Time” Ekaterina Andreeva has told that she has led a “straight line” with the President. The star of afia too was surprised by his endurance.

Also the host of “Let them talk” focused on the fact that after the release of the film, some Western media unleashed the criticisms on the Director. They noted that it is necessary to have the courage to create such a film.

Guests in the Studio noted that Oliver stone was able to learn about the personal life of the President. The Director asked if Putin is seen with his daughters and their families. Mr Putin admitted that the law he is arguing and debating. The head of state reiterated that his successor not to engage in politics and big business – they work in the field of science and education.

Оливер Стоун раскрыл тайны интервью с Владимиром Путиным

Oliver stone admitted that he never knew the exact schedule of filming.

“Two hours today, three tomorrow. Could hear call – come to the Kremlin late in the night or during the day. And we didn’t know how long it will last,” admitted stone.

American Director Malakhov said that, in his opinion, Putin enjoyed a conversation with him. He tried to be polite. Stone admitted that he had no journalistic education, and therefore was not in a rigid form to formulate questions, as is customary. He believed that the most important thing – to hear and be able to empathize with the hero. The man was important to get version of the truth of Putin. Malakhov has noticed that stone, who interviewed Vladimir in the car. He was hoping that their conversation will be more relaxed. The President admitted that he has a dream, but he did not disclose.

All the secrets of the President from Oliver stone: behind the scenes

Along with Oliver stone worked on the film two operators, one of them, Anthony DoD Mantle, won the “Oscar” for the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. Andrey Malakhov gave the Director a disk with a film “Love and pigeons” with Lyudmila Gurchenko and Oleg Basilashvili in the lead roles. His team stone asked me to take his number to keep in touch, as he probably knows everyone in Moscow.

Host of “Let them talk,” noted that one of the purposes of the film “Putin” is to see the eyes of the man who has at hand the nuclear button. He admitted Malakhov that he understood Mr Putin is not the type of person who will press it first.