Malinovskaya on the detention of ex-wife: “I’m going to deal with the investigation on this issue.”

Малиновская о задержании экс-супруга: «Я буду общаться со следствием по этому поводу» The former husband of TV presenter Denis, Davitashvili a criminal case. Ex-Deputy of the state Duma evaded paying child support, and owed a large sum of money to business partners.
Малиновская о задержании экс-супруга: «Я буду общаться со следствием по этому поводу»

Ex-Deputy of Masha Malinovskaya and her father, her son Myron Denis Davitashvili was detained by law enforcement agencies in Ulyanovsk. According to some, former lawmaker accused of fraud. How to write Ulyanovsk media, Davitashvili lived under the name of Spiricom. It is reported that the amount of his debts reached several million rubles.

“StarHit” contacted Mary to see the details of the situation. The woman claims that have not been in touch with the ex-spouse.

“I’ll talk with the investigators about this. Very long time not seen him”, – said the Director in an interview with “StarHit”.

As reported by a number of publications, Davitashvili been missing for several years. The man didn’t pay alimony Masha, and last year, the woman said that the former Deputy threatened her family. “If me, my son or mother, something happens (attack, kidnapping, death), by the customer of any of the potential incidents can only be one person! Spirkov Denis Aleksandrovich”, – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

Recall that for a long time, the star didn’t tell her from whom was born the son of Myron, only alluding to the fact that his father is a businessman. About three years ago, Davitashvili name surfaced in connection with divorce Mary. In this case, the Director was helped by the lawyer Sergei Zhorin. The lawyer defended the interests of his client and was just informed that the process is complete.

“Just Masha Malinovskaya was again an unmarried girl. Magistrate court plot 179 city of Moscow has passed the decision on dissolution of marriage,” wrote the lawyer then.

By the way, the Director has been criticized by showman Rustam Solntsev. The man hinted that she uses illegal substances. According to Solntsev, the broadcaster urgently needs to be rescued. Rustam Solntsev: “Masha Malinovskaya’s time to see a psychiatrist”

“We decided every day to teach and put on a favorite poem, reading it for you. Read and listen to poetry. I’m a literary junkie, and this is not treated, but the dirt, filth and gossip touches only plankton. My people know the truth. Literature, love, friendship, devotion, loyalty, actions, sincerity, art…” – said Masha on his page in Instagram, indirectly denying accusations of drug abuse.