Дедушка заменил дочери Виктории Дайнеко отца
The singer dissatisfied with the communication ex-husband and their child.

Дедушка заменил дочери Виктории Дайнеко отца

Cheryl Cole dad

Photo: Instagram

Recently Cheryl Cole has surprised fans. The singer shared with them the staff family idyll: took video of a walk with Mr Kleiman and daughter. And the day before she published “stories” of his microblog a story about how while shopping, at the request of Dmitri, picking him comfortable new underwear. But more recently the ex-wife were on the outs. Kleiman gave a “scathing” interview about the singer, Dayneko, in response threatened to show law enforcement the dirt on Dmitry, hinting that she was subjected to domestic violence…

But, alas, “peace” was short-lived. Recently Daineko told reporters what is really going on in their lives my ex-husband.

The singer’s ex-husband Dmitry Kleiman

Photo: Andrey Zhuravlev

“I learned lessons from everything that’s happened. I believed in miracles. Believed people at their word, not realizing that sometimes they are much more talk the language than they really are. Believed that people are able to change, to grow, to grow. It seemed to me that if I give the man a chance, he can change. It turned out that no. I am grateful to my husband for this lesson. Well, for daughter, of course. Anyway, no regrets. But to argue that his words are true and what is not, is not for publication. It is for lawyers in court, so if worse comes to worse. I am well aware that one person to blame can not be in any conflict is the fault of both. Does it not happen that one monster and the other God dandelion. But I also know that any person can bring to a white heat. And I’m the man that will not give offense to either himself or the child. I will protect and defend. Although I hope I won’t need it. Daughter to see my dad not as often as I would like. And she now needed dad more and more. And it makes me cry because I think the daughter deserves a better father. I’m sure that she will be okay. If the Pope does not consider it necessary to communicate with the daughter, we’ll figure something out. Will find a way. She has a wonderful grandpa who is always there. I think that’s more important than the presence of good men that will show you what should be the relationship of man with woman, shows that there is love and care”, — told Victoria “TN”.

By the way, recently Daineko said that in her life again love. On the 31st birthday of the singer was invited to the next friend of the actress and her new boyfriend. As it became known to journalists, Victoria recently appeared lover that she is hiding something from the public.

Recently, however, in the microblog Dayneko appeared the night with Dating the singer. On it the artist has captured his feet by a mysterious suitor. According to the press, the elect of Victoria do not apply to the world of show business. From comments on personal life the singer has thus far refused.