Кристина Орбакайте заменила Чулпан Хаматову в театре
She received the role in the play “sweethearts” Galina Volchek in Sovremennik.

Кристина Орбакайте заменила Чулпан Хаматову в театре

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Photo: Official website of “Contemporary”

Since July this year, Christina Orbakajte, you will see at the theater “Contemporary”. As it became known, she received the role of the dancer Gitel Mosca in the play “Two for the seesaw”, which was previously played by Chulpan Khamatova.

The fact that at the end of last year it became known that Iglesias left the theater. However, as she explained she excited the fans, not forever. She needs to pause to rest. The actress has assured that already in the autumn, in the new theater season, will return to work. However, based on the input Orbakaite in one of the most popular plays, pause Khamatova is delayed.

“When in March this year, the call came from Galina, she first said that it is not the input that she has her own view on the way, says Christine. Most interesting here is that in all there was some foresight, as they say, Chuikov worked. Usually we have on stage the most active touring have for spring and early autumn. But I to our Director last year, for some reason said that this spring is not going to do the tour, which caused confusion. After all, the only time I didn’t go to the tour when was in the decree. And usually almost three months in the spring I’m not in Moscow. But this time I wanted to take the time out to spend with my daughter. That is, if I had an active schedule, as always, I wouldn’t be able to rehearse, I would have to abandon the role. So that all has coincided, there was some sign.”

It is not the first experience on the stage for Aguilera. As you know, Christina at the time she graduated from GITIS. Her graduation performance of “mistress into maid” more than one year was a success at the theater named Yermolova. Christine also played in the troupe production of “Monday after the miracle” with Irina Kupchenko, Alexander Moss and Andrey Sokolov in a performance of “Danae” with Anna Terekhova.

“In parallel, I still was pop life, and with theatre it became difficult to combine. Besides all the time confusion arose: I came to town with the show, and people thought that show. Some viewers at the box office was interested in “After some songs, you can give flowers?” They explained: “This is a play. It is necessary to give the bows.” — “No, just Christina, so will the song.” Including so I decided to pause the theater, put the theater to ourselves until, until you see that the offer I can’t refuse. Call Galina — like a bolt from the sky, because all I expect, but this — no.I thought if you refuse, then you can afford not to forgive. On the other hand, have always understood what a risky move I make, and a lot of people around that I very often remind you (family, friends, colleagues). But I often happens: despite my shyness (I’m sometimes indecisive people), sometimes I make such drastic steps,” — said Orbakaite in an interview with “MK”.