Grandma Victoria Daineko helps to raise her daughter

Бабушка Виктории Дайнеко помогает ей воспитывать дочь The actress refused the services of nannies. According to Victoria Daineko, she is tired of unprofessional employees who do not know how to treat a child. Star explained that they are ready to do anything for the sake of the baby gets the best of everything.

Like many celebrities, Cheryl Cole arranges periodically broadcast, during which it communicates with its fans. Fans of the actress often ask her to tell more about the daughter and wonder how she lived after the separation from her husband. Star tries to answer questions of subscribers on social networks, making live broadcasts.

On the eve of Victoria told the followers that she had to find a new home. The actress moved with her to the apartment larger. Dayneko claims that the overhaul, which is held in their home, forced her to go to such measures.

In addition, the celebrity has answered all questions from subscribers about nannies. As it turned out, she refused the services of foreign women and asked to come 70-year-old grandmother from Kazakhstan that helped to raise a daughter.

Cheryl Cole has faced difficulties in finding babysitters

“Was nanny, who could not cope with the child. Especially Filipina. One was still touchy, but she left me. The latest was a difficult situation. She discussed with my husband me. I then read on the Internet things that could only say she. I fired her. After that I called my grandmother from Kazakhstan. I had to change the apartment, to remove another. Grandma lives with me,” said the singer.

According to followers of recent events in the life of a star a negative impact on her appearance. Fans worried as Victoria lost a lot of weight. The artist herself says that now is trying to get well, fun trying all the dishes prepared by her cousin. “I regain back their volume,” said Daineko.

By the way, the artist does not deny that sometimes too impulsive in his judgments. Victoria often puts sharp posts in social networks in which casts negative. Some members consider it an overreaction to a special kind of records.

“I like to complain on the Internet. Sometimes, very disappointed in people, I am a very sensitive person. But I am lucky that there are those who will support me,” said the singer.

Most fans Daineko gladly would like to see her in concert in their city. However, the actress claims that the reduced number of tours because he didn’t want to keep the baby.

“As a mother, I would not be able to permanently get away from his family. But my work is a part of me, I’m not ready to give it up,” explained Victoria.