Otar Kushanashvili harsh comments about order Glinnikov on the show “the Bachelor”

Отар Кушанашвили жестко высказался о целях Глинникова на шоу «Холостяк» The journalist does not believe in the sincerity of what he sees on the screen. Otar Kushanashvili accused Ilya Glinnikov, girls claiming to be his companion, and the producers of the show that they pursue purely mercenary interests.

The most romantic TV show “the Bachelor” came to the finish line. In the near future, viewers will learn which of the girls chose Ilya Glinnikov. Despite the fact that the rules of the project to the final series should remain two participants, the actor has decided to keep fans in suspense, and therefore will choose one of four contenders – Lesya Ryabtseva, Madina Tamboy, Ekaterina Nikulina and Snjezana Samokhina.

However, a well-known journalist Otar Kushanashvili, who was famous for his harsh statements, does not believe in the sincerity of what happens on a reality show. The man said that he was not personally acquainted with Glinnikov, however, this does not prevent him from making conclusions about it. Otar said that the actor came to the project not for love, but only with Mercantile interests.

“Glinnikov I don’t know, but he needs exactly the same as girls, fame and money, money and fame. I can see how and when these magic words eyes lit up the sacred fire of the highest point. If the situation really is: Glinnikov rude, and ladies in horror, so producers have the occasion. They spit on the bachelor, and women, they also want fame and money, and the money needed more,” suggested cusanelli.

However, fans can see that Glinnikov with respect to each of the participants. The actor admitted that each time he was getting harder to part with the girls because each of them has something special. 32-year-old man tries to organize an original and interesting visits and gets upset if meetings are not as planned. Participants of “the Bachelor” threw a fit Ilya Glinnikov

Despite all the efforts Glinnikov cusanelli not notice that someone of the girls really takes the mind and heart of the protagonist of the show.

“Already the first editions of “the Bachelor,” has convincingly shown that single men and girls equally spit at each other, no project is the TV not able to answer the question “is it possible happiness?”, or even just to teach people to understand each other, not paying for it is a shame,” he admitted.